Hi folks, Scott here, this is my first of many posts on this forum. I hope you find them infor­ma­tional at the least. Recently, there has been one online poker site cre­at­ing allot of buzz, with such con­tro­ver­sies as freez­ing and tak­ing 80k from a per­son this site claimed was using a bot. Sub­se­quently, this per­son has filed a law­suit for relief, and has filed a counter suit alleg­ing Full Tilt Poker of many vio­la­tions of US Fed­eral law, one that comes to mind is the RICO ACT.  infor­ma­tion on this law­suit can be found at;


There is more infor­ma­tion float­ing around the net for you guys to read besides the above link. I find recently it appears FTP has engaged in your typ­i­cal “smear” cam­paign againt the claimant in this case.

Whether the claimant has A CASE or not, the main issue here is FTP seiz­ing 80,000 from this player’s account, with­out pro­vid­ing this player any rea­son­able DUE PROCESS.. Hence the title of this arti­cle comes to bear ” Online poker, why we need REAL REGULATION”..

Under a legit reg­u­lat­ing body, before FTP or any other online poker can per­ma­nently seize a player’s win­nings based on the end site’s sus­pi­ci­sion they might be cheat­ing, I pro­pose a reg­u­lat­ing body who allows a site like ftp to temp seize the money, then offer a TRULY inde­pen­dant case review, whether the accu­sa­tion meets the bur­den of actual fact, beyond a mere supicision.

Play­ers need real recourse and avenues to seek real rem­edy if they beleive an online poker site has acted unjustly. The online Poker sites need this as well, to assure all cur­rent and future play­ers that their sites are being run fairly..

As many of you know, I ques­tion the fair­ness of online poker, and sadly it is FTP I ques­tion the most.. My brother is a very small owner of the site. Regard­less, It is my goal to assure that these sites, FTP or oth­er­wise, engage in a fair and hon­est game accross all money lim­its.. Real and hon­est reg­u­la­tion will assure both the end user, and online poker sites who agree this reg­u­la­tion are pro­tected in full.

In arti­cles to fol­low, I will map out what I beleive to be rea­son­able reg­u­la­tion. I will offer an entire “mock leg­is­la­tion” with key points emphasized.

I will also give my opin­ion and how I beleive some online poker sites manip­u­late their deal, why, and how I believe they ben­e­fit from it..

For the record, it is my goal to have the US online gam­bling ban repealed, and I would like to open my own online poker site with it’s own unique card generator.

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