Daniel Tzvetkoff, 27, was arrested Friday morning in Las Vegas for processing more than $500 million to Internet gambling companies between February of 2008 and March of 2009.

It is also not a secret that Daniel Tzvetkoff was not a favorite with some. It was reported that he owed money to PokerStars as well as Absolute Poker. In June of 2009, the Courier-Mail had a report that Full Tilt Poker had sued Intabill, Daniel Tzvetkoff’s company for $52 million dollars or a little over $48 million US dollars. The lawsuit had alleged that funds were not passed on to the site. This could be the start of what could be a wild ride for online poker sites.

This however will not effect some online poker rooms. The poker room here at Make Poker Legal would not be effected. It is also not known if the impact of Tzvetkoff’s arrest has been felt yet by online poker rooms; but in reading and talking to a lot of people, they have stopped playing and some have started withdrawing their funds from their accounts.

This is another reason that all of us here at MakePokerLegal.com have been pushing for regulation since day 1. We want the PROPER regulation of online poker. My good friend and business partner Scott Matusow & I have many valid points in taking the proper steps in accomplishing this. Every single one of us, the online poker players need to take a stand, we are are the one who are playing on these sites; thus keeping them in business. Would you rather have your money go to a site that is not properly regulated or to one that has proper regulations set in place keeping everyone safe and play in a fair environment? Having our funds help pay towards taxes to our country, helping our economy on a federal, state and local level. Its not rocket science people.

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One Response to “Daniel Tzvetkoff is the first arrest that is linked to the UIEGA”

  1. MYMESSIAH says:

    Wow this guy sounds like some sort of scam artist. A shady business attracts shady people.

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