Play between August 1 and August 21 and receive the following points for each week of the following weeks:

Aug 1 – 7
Aug 8 – 14
Aug 15 – 21

1st place: 100pts.
2nd place: 95pts.
3rd place: 90pts.
4th place: 85pts.
5th place: 80pts
6th place: 75pts.
7th place: 70pts.
8th place: 65pts.
9th place: 60pts.
10th place: 50pts.
11th – 20th: 45pts.
21st – 30th: 35pts.
31st – 40th: 25pts.
41st – 50th: 15pts.
51st – 100th: 10pts.
101 & below: 5pts.

These points will be added to your total points for the entire second season of the poker league.

The Make Poker Legal Free Online Poker League Season 2 starts August 22 and ends December 11. The structure is different than of Season 1. Its still played within the Make Poker Legal Poker Room. It is not based on a tournament or a final table. It is based on your total bankroll over the Season. Everybody receives points for logging in and playing each day and there are also ways to get bonus points. This ensures an exciting season and truly makes you play smarter online poker. Your points are considered your bankroll. You can earn free points everyday for logging in, short surveys, daily offers, referring a friend & placing “in the points”.

Other Ways to obtain bankroll points

Refer a friend – 500pts.
Daily Survey – 500pts.
Daily Offers – 1000pts.
Special Offers – varies

As you acquire points you move up the leader board. You can keep track of the leader board by logging in and going to the leader board. The leader board runs from Sunday’s at midnight eastern standard time until Saturday night at 11:59pm. The leader board will then reset. The league standings and points will be posted on the website no later than the next day.(see picture below)

You can earn points by playing in Texas Hold’em & Royal Hold’em games. Video Poker Points do not count towards anything in the online poker league but you can still play the video poker tournaments and be eligible to win prizes as well. To locate these games go to the Tournament Tab(see picture below)

Season 2 is a 16 week season with more prizes to be given out to more players. There are 4 weeks in which you are eligible for “double points”. Points are doubled based on the point structure of Season 2 below. In case of a tie, all players who are tied will receive the points based on what place he/she are in.

Season 2 Schedule

Week 1: Aug 22-28 *double points
Week 2: Aug 29-Sept 4
Week 3: Sept 5-11
Week 4: Sept 12-18
Week 5: Sept 19-25
Week 6: Sept 26-Oct 2 *double points
Week 7: Oct 3-9
Week 8: Oct 10-16
Week 9: Oct 17-23
Week 10: Oct 24-30
Week 11: Oct 31-Nov 6 *double points
Week 12: Nov 7-13
Week 13: Nov 14-20
Week 14: Nov 21-27
Week 15: Nov 28-Dec 4 *double points
Week 16: Dec 5-Dec 11


Weekly Leader Board Points

1st place: 1000pts.
2nd place: 900pts.
3rd place: 850pts.
4th place: 800pts.
5th place: 775pts.
6th place: 750pts.
7th place: 725pts.
8th place: 700pts.
9th place: 675pts.
10th place: 650pts.
11th – 20th: 625pts.
21st – 30th: 600pts.
31st – 40th: 575pts.
41st – 50th: 550pts.
51st – 100th: 525pts.
101 & below: 500pts

Weekly Leader Board Points When Doubled

1st place: 2000pts.
2nd place: 1800pts.
3rd place: 1700pts.
4th place: 1600pts.
5th place: 1550pts
6th place: 1500pts.
7th place: 1450pts.
8th place: 1400pts.
9th place: 1350pts.
10th place: 1300pts.
11th – 20th: 1250pts.
21st – 30th: 1200pts.
31st – 40th: 1150pts.
41st – 50th: 1100pts.
51st – 100th: 1050pts.
101 & below: 1000pts.


Prizes will currently be awarded to the top 20 players of season 2. Current Prizes are as follows:

1st place – League Championship Bracelet, Royal Eyewear Glasses & Coinflip Clothing T Shirt

2nd place – VIP membership to the Make Poker Legal Poker Room & 1 yr Ante Up Magazine Subscription

3rd – 20th – TBA

Other prizes from Coin Flip Clothing, The Scott Matusow show, VIP memberships to the Make Poker Legal Poker Room, 1 yr Ante Up Magazine Subscriptions, Mike The Mouth Matusow T Shirt(s), Jagermeister Polo Shirt/Visor Combo Package, Spade & Diamond T Shirts, Card Protector(s), Hawaiian Garden Casino Apparel and much more. Prizes may be added, changed, removed and/or altered at any time for any reason. All rules and regulations from the Make Poker Legal Poker Room apply.

When the season is over, all prize winners will be notified via email that they are registered under. Winners have 5 days from the time the email was sent to respond to claim their prize. Winners must also have current account information in their “my account” section within the poker room network. Winners who have not claimed their prize and/or has not completed their “my account” information will forfeit their prize and the the player ranked under them will receive the prize.


- Log in each day and play.
- Log in each day and take the quick survey each day to add points to your bankroll.
- Use your points wisely to enter tournaments where you can win points to move you up the leader board.
- When you are waiting for a tournament to start, jump in one of the video poker tournaments that are on going 24 hours a day. You can win cash, prizes & points as well. However video poker points do not count towards season 2 points. They are seperate.
- Royal Hold’em tournaments and game points do count towards season 2 points.
- Refer your friends and take advantage of the daily surveys. They are short and quick. You get points that week to enter more tournaments to get more points.


How do I sign up?
Before you can play, you must register an account and download the software. You’ll also need to choose a membership level; see the section titled ‘Subscription Levels’ for more details.

Is it legal?
Yes, it is legal. Our contests are free, do not involve gambling and are governed by states sweepstakes and lottery laws.  To participate you must meet the minimum age and eligibility requirements as outlined in our Official Rules and Terms and Conditions.  Void where prohibited by law.

Do I need to download anything to play?.
Yes.  You’ll be promoted to download our software at the end of the registration process.  You can also reach the download page by clicking here.

I’m getting error messages when trying to log on.  What should I do?
Our support team can assist you with this issue but we’ll need to know the exact (or as close to exact) text of the error message.  Please be sure to include as much detail as possible: the exact nature of your problem, the type of computer you’re using, the operating system, how you connect to the internet and any other information you think may be helpful for us.  Remember, the more info you provide the quicker we’ll be able to get your issue resolved.

I want to log on but I’ve forgotten my password.  What do I do now?
On the login screen you’ll find a Forgot Password link.  Click that and follow the prompts to have a replacement password sent to you.  Please note that this password is case sensitive so you’ll have to enter it exactly as it appears in the email notification you’ll get.  You can change the password to anything after you’ve logged on; click Account>My Profile>Edit.

more questions and answers are at The Make Poker Legal Poker Room

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