It seems at this time, many people do not fully grasp, or are aware of the ramifications of Bill HR 2267.. Some are panicked concerning certain casinos coming against this bill. Yet with Amendment 7 to this bill, this bill now requires ALL ONLINE POKER SITES to establish a base of operations in the United States. Hence, NO MORE OFFSHORE SITES!! What does this mean?

Well, to start, because of this Amendment, we at Makepoker legal support the bill fully.. Why? Because it has been our position all along, and why we resisted to join with The PPA, that these Poker sites must ACCEPT LIABILITY!! What does this mean?

It means these companies MUST INCORPORATE IN AMERICA.. This means Current Federal Law, Corporations in the USA can be SUED in pre established and properly jurisdictioned courts of law.

Without Amendment 7, things would be as before.. Let’s say you have evidence an online site cheated you. As it is right now, you cannot sue these sites..WHY? they are NOT INCORPORATED IN THE USA!! This means there is no JURISTIDICTION of any US court to hear any such lawsuit.

When HR 2267 gets passed, and we beleive it will pass, if you feel you have been wronged, you could bring a lawsuit, as you could against any fully incorporated American Biz. You have consumer protection rights under HR 2267, and that has always been our main focus, to make sure that we the players, have REAL RECOURSE to remedy any damages we might have WRONGLY suffered, illegally suffered from any action, purposeful or not, by one of these sites..

Remember as well, Current sites such as Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker will not be allowed to incorporate here under their current management because they have clearly violated The Unlawful Internet Gaming Act, UIEGA while it has been in effect since June 1st.
These sites will have to merge, “buy out” clean sites in order to continue to serve American players, and I do know of some talks going on right now, which I cannot reveal, which will result in exactly the above mentioned coming to pass..

Remember, real regulation means real juristdiction. This bill protects both The Players and The Sites.. It is fair legislation, and a great start for us!!
I highly encourage that everyone read this bill over and add your comments here!



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