Scott here with ya!! It is a little late, but I have some views on the final table of this year’s WSOP Main Event;

I will make it point by point as to not go on and on about everything and anything.

1. Filippo Candio = Horribad player, I am glad he did not catch the deck and win!!

2. Dolan, Senti were good, but unlucky

3. Joseph Cheong = Played really well, was aggressive, but failed to ever slow down.
Note: Cheong won a WSOP Circuit gold ring and earned a degree in psychology from UC-San Diego. Apparently, this degree did not help him read the situation with Jonathan Duhamel, where Cheong had A7 and the clear read that Duhamel was very strong with his QQ. Duhamel folded several times to Cheong’s 3 and 4 bets when they tangled prior to this hand. This is a great lesson to online players who might find themselves in this live situation in the future.. Out play online and a system working with Multi Tournamenting Mtt’s works fine online when you put massive volume in, and you play aggessive like Cheong. However, you get one shot at The Main Event. you cannot Mtt It, so you must learn to SLOW DOWN and deviate from standard online system play!! This brings me to;

4. Jonathan Duhamel = Made a tilt call on Grinders shove with A9. it was obvious Duhamel was on tilt from dumping a ton of his stack prior. However, once Duhamel won the A9 hand, his play was stellar good. His 2 best plays were limping with AA against an obviously tilted Grinder, and setting up the trap on Cheong with QQ.. Brilliant play with Cheong.. Duhamel was able to set this play up because his image was aggressive against Cheong, while also showing Cheong he would fold when Cheong came over the top. Dumahel kept the image of making what looked like weak min raises, then folding those raises to Cheong’s 3 and 4 bets. The 5 bet min raise was a trap set for Cheong, what we call ” giving action to get it.” QQ against Cheong’s range and image was basically like having AA. I Give Duhamel credit for great play after the hand against Grinder.

5. The Grinder.. Oh man, where do I begin with this? He played well at times, until he got the chip lead. At that point, he was calling off WAY TOO MUCH!! His pre flop raise on John Racener was too much when Grinder had A8. Racener was a very tight player with a tight range. A min raise would have been the best bet, so Grinder would be more apt to fold to a shove from Raceners stack of 12 bb’s

Still Grinder should not be calling off with A8 there because Racener’s range is super tight.. A8 against a shove by Cheong would be the right call. But even with Racener’s 12bb left, it is a bad call in my opinion.

Grinder’s shove with 33 was techinically correct. I my opinion, you have 1 of 2 options there, shove or fold.. I would have prob folded because Duhamel was on tilt and likely to call with most anything.. A9 should have never called there, but shoving with 33 technically is a high EV play..But again, there are always other factors to consider besides what is technically the right play! I do not fault Grinder’s shove though. I do fault Duhamel’s terrible tilt call with A9.. A9 is not a hand to call with in that situation for all your chips. it is only a range call hand when you have a big chip lead over certain opponents shove ranges.

Duhamel got lucky!! But who doesn’t get lucky to win the Main Event? Every player makes mistakes.. it is the one who makes the least and/or gets bailed out by the deck the most from his/her mistakes!!

6. HU play = Duhamel vs. Racener.

Racener was tight enough to assure 2nd place money. I give him credit for being patient while the other players beat up on each other. However, when it came to hu play against Duhamel, Racener was about as bad as you can get.

He already locked up 2nd place guaranteed. so why did he continue to be super tight with short stack HU? I would have been shoving over most every Button raise by Duhamel, and when or if I limped my button, if Duhamel raised, id limp shove 3 bets all in. Why? Because in most cases, you are no worse than 40 percent to win a showdown if Duhamel calls.. At this point, play to win!! Play to double up so you can become an effective stack!! Racener’s stack was not effective..

when this happens HU, u shove and take that chance to get an effective stack!! Again, Racener has nothing to lose at this point. Duhamel would have been the one a little less prone to be calling off, because he has more to lose!!

Duhamel played fine HU, Racener made it way too easy for Duhamel not to play fine!!

Over all, Duhamel deserved to win. He played great at times, made one bad play, but deck bailed him out. Cheong was the best player at the table, but made one of the worst mistakes ever in Main Event History. Cheong was my pick before it began to win. I hope Cheong learns something from this. He has a really good game, and has potential to be a really good live player. However, from what I have heard, he does not really think he played that hand bad. And if he does not think that, He has little chance of ever being a great Live player!!

Congratulations to Mr. Duhamel, The first Canadian to win The WSOP Main Event!

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