Sunday Millions: 1st place: paulgees81 ($253,894.60)

Paul Volpe aka “paulsgees81″ wins the latest Sunday Millions just a little bit ago. Paul is by far one of the top online poker players i nthe world. After his victory heVolpe quickly came to The Scott Matusow Show, which is an Internet Radio & Chatroom over at where he is an admin, host & gives various tips to the regular chatters. Paul has helped out a lot of the regulars in the show to improve his/her game

“that tourney structure is absurd u must always keep building chips”

“the blinds are the worst keep going up and up

The final hand played out as follows:

Seat 2: ser svensson (35,661,822 in chips)
Seat 8: paulgees81 (50,638,178 in chips)

ser svensson was delt Kc8d and went all in. Paul Volpe had him crushed as Paul was holding AcKd

Flop: 2d 9d 5c
Turn: 10h
River: 5h

Payouts were as follows:

1st place: paulgees81 ($253,894.60)
2nd place: ser svensson ($185,545.00)
3rd place: grayzee1 ($129,450.00)
4th place: BleedBlue33 ($86,300.00)
5th place: Ninemil ($69,040.00)
6th place: samilero ($51,780.00)
7th place: 4Kings_Hit ($34,520.00)
8th place: shizgared89 ($18,986.00)
9th place: nickthenasty ($13,376.50)

Congrats to Paul!

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3 Responses to “Paul Volpe “paulgees81″ Wins Sunday Million”

  1. Admin says:

    Nice Job Paul! Another top payday and performance!

  2. ScottMatusow says:

    Paul played very well, He deserves it!!

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