Hi everyone, Scott Matusow here with you all! We are Make Poker Legal appreciate the support everyone has been showing us lately. Our main goal is to get some common sense real regulation for online poker, that benefits both the players and the sites. We strongly beleive all offshore online poker sites should become “onshore” in The USA, Licensed like any other corporation/Business, and regulated much in the way Nevada Casinos are regulated. We beleive in the right to due process and consumer protection, as well as the online sites rights as well to be protected from cheaters and scammers, with those cheaters and scammers, when caught, facing criminal and civil penalties. Same applies for any online poker site that might engage in the same activity.. We beleive in RNG audits by a federal regulating body, much like how The FAA audits the Airline industry to make sure they are compliant within the laid out regulations.

Having said that above, I invite you to check out my show, which runs most days here LINK HERE . The chat for all the rooms is always open, and a good amount of top online poker players hang in the chat rooms and talk poker thru out the day, so I welcome you to come join in the chat!

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When you get to the main screen, enter in a nickname you wish to chat with, and gender. Then, a screen takes you to several rooms to choose from. You will see “The Scott Matusow Show” among them. Simply double click on my show, and you will be taken to the room! Same applies to when Mike Matusow’s Show is on every Thursday at 3 pm Pst, 6 pm Est (unless otherwise noted on Mike’s Twitter and Mike’s Facebook fan Page. Sometimes Mike is very busy and cannot do His Show!)

Paul Volpe, A.K.A “Paulgees81″ is an admin on our site, good friend, and a regular in Both My Show and Mike’s Show. Paul is currently The Top ranked online MTT player in The World, having recently won The Poker Stars Sunday Million, and recent top all around FTOP leaderboard winner!

You can follow Paul on Twitter at PAUL’S TWITTER HERE

If you like our site and our shows here at Make Poker Legal. Please be sure to check out our free poker room.. The Poker Room is in affiliation with Zen Gaming, and is much like Club WPT.. Zen recently bought out Spade Club as well. The poker room is in compliance with The UIEGA, and is legal in most states. Lot’s of cash and prizes to be won, and the site offers paid memberships as well. You can sign up for free at LINK TO POKER ROOM HERE

Also, we have a strong affiliation with Royal Eyeware, makers of what we beleive to be the best poker sun glasses in the world! I use them, and these glasses can give you a huge edge in a live poker game. Specially designed for poker rooms with special lenses. We beleive they are simply the best poker glasses in The World! You can check out these glasses and receive a special 15 percent off, free shipping and 30 day money back guarantee at ROYAL GLASSES HERE

Hope to see you all on our shows and good luck at both your live poker games and online poker games!!

Scott Matusow

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