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Tom Dwan aka durrrr

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this past Sunday’s  finale of Full Tilt Poker’s Challenge Durrrr and who the real winner is. The Durrrr Challenge gave online poker players who play on Full Tilt Poker a chance to play against Tom Dwan aka “Durrrr”. In February players started to earn points while they played cash games over a two week time period. The top 750 poker players would then play in a series of freerolls. Once the final 9 players were determined, they would eventually be a part of the “matrix”. Those 9 players would play 4 sit n go’s against each other to determine who would go on to play Tom Dwan.

The controversy started last weekend tournament. The winner was “svetamillion”. When the dust had settled and the last match was completed, Dwans competitor was not “svetamillion” but it was the second place finisher named “inorej”. Even though “svetamillion” had finished in the bottom third of the cash game part of the competition, then went on to win both the freeroll tournaments and the Matrix event. Surprisingly there was no mention at all on the Full Tilt Poker Website about what had happened.
Rumors started flying out left and right. Rumors included collusion, having multiple accounts, having somebody else play under the “svetamillion” screename  and a farfetched idea that he played under a superuser account. Multiple outlets attempted to contact Full Tilt Poker. After a few of our resources contacted Full Tilt, we realized that we all had received the same statement. The statement was:
“I can confirm that the player who got first place in the Matrix portion of the promo was disqualified. I can also say it didn’t have anything to do with the Matrix itself.”

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As the durrrr challenge played out, “inorej” played Dwan in four table of Pot Limit Omaha. Iit took all of a whole 15 minutes for Tom Dwan to beat  him. There is still a chance that “inorej” can come back and win the last 2 tables. If that does happen then that would leave “inorej” $50,000 richer. An hour or so later and Dwan won both of those tables and “inorej” walked away empty handed. However, Tom Dwan and Full Tilt Poker donated $40,000 (not sure if it was $40,000 each or combined) to Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.
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One Response to “Winner of Durrrr Challenge Disqualified”

  1. chapato says:

    The article says: “Surprisingly there was no mention at all on the Pokerstars website about what had happened. ”

    Was it supposed to say FTP?

    I read one of Durrr’s tweets and he said the donation was 10K per table for a total of 40K

    “Just finished versus inorej. Won all 4 matches. Unfortunate for him, but its 40k extra ftp will give to japan, so there’s that at least”

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