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An 18 year kid who is a regular viewer/listener of my online show, Kevin Nguyen gets an April fools gag played on him. At first, Paul Volpe, aka, “Paulgees81″, the worlds top ranked mtt online poker player, told Kevin his PokerStars account had been disabled. Then one of my Moderators, Mark Castranova, convinced the listener, Kevin, that the FCC was after him, and the only way to stop that was for Kevin to WEAR A TIN FOIL HAT!! After I got on the show and found out what was going on, I convinced Kevin by having him listen to me pretend to receive a phone call, from someone claiming to be “an alien” to wear a rubber mouse on his head. I convinced Kevin that Aliens cannot penetrate “rubber,” and to check his pictures and wall clock for “CIA bugs”!! All in good fun, as Kevin was a good sport after wards!!

8 part video so make sure to watch all 8 parts!




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One Response to “April fools on The Scott Matusow Show, see listener convinced to wear tin foil hat!”

  1. ScottMatusow says:

    No comments? it was not an act, HE ACTUALLY BELEIVED THIS STUFF!!! comments?

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