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Hey everyone, Scott here with you all; It is that time of the year, to file our taxes, but do really know what we are doing? The Tax laws for poker players can be quite complicated for sure. Enter in Theresa Fox, an account who specializes in filing for gamblers.  in fact, she does my brother, Mike Matusow’s returns, and has been doing so for years. Theresa respects her clients privacy, and I only mention my brother because I have known about her doing taxes for him for years.


Here is her basic bio;

Theresa Fox began her career in 1994, specializing in accounting, auditing and consulting for various fields. Being originally focused on construction and other service related industries, she assisted many start-ups and managed accounting and tax planning projects for a multitude of growing companies. 

After operating her own business in California for over five years, Theresa moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in early 2005. In Las Vegas, she joined forces with Frank Gallas of Gallas, Inc. and has focused on CEO’s and entrepreneurs, including professional gamblers.
By the end of 2011, she will complete her credentials for the federal designation of “Enrolled Agent” from the IRS.

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Theresa currently sits on the Board of Directors for a Nevada 501c3, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation, where she donates much time and energy to fundraising for the Autism Community.

In the following video, Theresa sits down  for an interview, talking taxes; click on the link below

Theresa Fox Interview

You can find out more info on what Theresa does at
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