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On April 5, 2011 a lawsuit was filed by Ryan Bennett and Francois Piette in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against the Cake Poker Network. Bennett & Piette are alleging that the owners of the Cake Poker Network didn’t compensate the people that were its creators. There is an extensive list of complaints that include conspiracy, breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation & fraudulent misrepresentation. Ryan Bennett and Francois Piette seek compensation for an agreement that was made way back in 2004.

When viewing the court documents that were filed (see below for the documents) Francois Piette & Ryan Bennett had formed Legacy Entertainment. The two men planned what was called the “Legacy Project”. A couple years later of the development of the Legacy Project Ryan Bennett met a gentleman by the name of Nicholaos Mellios. Mellios is listed in the court documents as a defendant; he was also the Director of Cake Poker as well as Yummy Interactive Canada & Yummy Interactive Canda.

Nicholaos Mellios is said to have informed Bennett that Mellios needed to create a new business project. It is reported that the two men (Mellios & Bennett) were in talks for months via email about the venture. In May of 2004 Bennett & Francois finally decided to introduce the idea of their Legacy Project to Mellios, Douglas Freese & Christopher Ruck whom are listed as Defendants in the lawsuit.

It appears that some kind of deal was agreed upon with Legacy Entertainment and Yummy Interactive. This new found partnership lead to (Yummy Interactive held 80% and Legacy Entertainment held 20%). According to the documents Bennett & Piette “had very little knowledge about both poker, generally, and online poker, specifically.” (talking about Mellios, Ruck & Freese). The partnership was finalized in May of 2004.

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In the month of November 2004 it is alleged that the Legacy Project would become an offshore company since there are laws that prohibit British Columbia businesses operating an online poker site. This is all speculation as it is reported that Mellios told Bennet as well as Piette about the offshore venture. It is also reported that things went sour not to long after the discussions.

In December of 2004 a company by the name of “711157 B.C. Ltd” started. Allegedly Mellios dumped Bennett from everything after they had a heat argument; several months later Piette was dumped from the Legacy Project. Roughly 2 years after 711157 B.C. Ltd started Cake Poker launched. The Plaintiffs said that they had been compensated to a degree; but not the full 20% of the agreement that they had made. It is also alleged that the Legacy Project is still being used in other cpmpanies and that they deserve compensation for that as well.

The court documents state state that it can take three to seven weeks for the defendants named in the case to respond to the complaint that is filed in the court. The location of the defendant(s) also plays a role in this case. If they (defendants) fail to reply or fail to file a counter claim; British Columbia Court could very well proceed with a judgement. What are your thoughts on yet another lawsuit invloving an online poker company/room? Below are the documents that were filed in the British Columbia Court. Stay tuned to for more information on this and other news in the world of poker.

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