It appears that Washington DC has become the first jurisdiction to legalize intrastate online poker. The Wall Street Journal published an article last week and cited “The city council approved a budget last year allowing the district’s lottery to operate a poker website accessible only inside district boundaries. City officials say the window for Congress to raise objections to the law was due to expire Thursday, allowing it to take effect.” At this time, there has not been any online poker site (that accepts money to be wagered) that is in place and legally active. Our poker room (located at accepts players from Washington DC as well as the United States (some minor restrictions apply to certain states, see site for full details and worldwide.  With sponsors providing prizes such as MLB, UFC, WWE, Sony, Google and others; along with over $100,000 in cash prizes every month in freerolls; you have nothing to lose. )
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Law makers in Washington DC took it down to the last minute in negotiations in order to avert government shutdown. The United States DOJ (Department of Justice) did not have a comment to the Wall Street Journal at the time of this post regarding their stance on the issue. There is no definite answer to when online poker will be available in Washington DC. The PPA (who we here at Make Poker Legal strongly believe that the PPA does not do enough, a topic that will be covered in great detail in the coming days) Director john Pappas was quoted as saying that he did not think that the market in Washington DC was large enough to create a viable business.

It is not known when it will start, Washington DC lottery officials are in talks with vendors. In a few weeks more information will be known. Washington DC is very hopeful that the millions of dollars will assist in offsetting budget cuts as well as various social service programs. The projections are between 13 to 14 million dollars that the district could rake in up through the 2014 fiscal year. Besides poker, Washington DC may (and probably will) offer other games that involve skill and/or chance but that will be determined by lottery officials. Lottery officials will also make the final decision on which games they will permit to offer players.

In March, Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey) made a shocking decision and surprised poker players everywhere when he vetoed a poker bill that would have created the first intrastate online gambling market. Christie stated that the voters should decide via the ballot. It is no secret that poker players in New Jersey want poker to be legal. We here at Make Poker Legal want that too, as long as the poker sites are based in the United States and are incorporated in the U.S.; and that is the tip of the iceberg. Doing so would be protection for the players and the companies and proper monies would be taxed. It is a win-win situation in our eyes and would create more revenue for the state(s) and is much needed given the economic state that we are currently facing.

2011 could be a pivotal year for online poker. We need to stand up and voice ourselves. All of the resources are here at We have all the contacts; Congress, Senate, State & Local Contacts with phone numbers, addresses and much more. We will NEVER charge you to be members like some organizations do. In fact some organizations charge a “membership fee” that is not tax deductible for information that we have on our website free of charge. We do however accept donations that help keep the website going so we can provide you with reliable information as we have since 2008. Donations are not mandatory and are completely optional.

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Come join our free Poker Room. Tons of cash and prizes, and it is free! Vip Memberships also available with even more Cash and ...