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One Response to “Official Press Release Of The Indictments of Pokerstars, Full Tilt Poker & Absolute Poker”

  1. realitybytes says:

    I do not agree with your thoughts regarding this issue. While it will have a huge impact on the sites operations it is in no way going to be the end for these businesses. Your comparison to drug operations does not stand true as drugs are deemed illegal in both countries, online poker however is not. The freezing of the bank accounts while in the short term will prove troublesome for these businesses it will not stand up. The simple fact is that the majority if not all of the bank accounts will not be within the US, and there will be court procedings taking place outside of the US to ensure these bank accounts are unfrozen, the simple fact is that the US cannot disrupt the legal side of these companies businesses, and US laws will not hold up within courts outside of the US, once these companies chalange within the countries that the bank accounts reside and prove that legal operations are being affected the accounts will be unfrozen fact. The money does not belong to the US gov and unless the US gov can prove exxactly how and what money is “illegal” then they will have trouble keeping these accounts frozen. Also payment processors are not going anywhere, the processing of non US transactions is far to valuable. Even without the US market both Full Tilt and Poker Stars will boast 40k online players, even without the US. Both said rooms heavily pushed promotions outside of the US since the unlawful gaming act was introduced. They are still generating money and will continue to do so, they are not going anywhere, still way too much money being generated.

    US is not the center of the universe and poker has and will survive without the market, it would be nice to have it included but not essential.

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Daniel Tzvetkoff may be the engine behind today’s online poker site seizures and Federal indictment. Daniel Tzvetkoff was arrested about year ago in Las Vegas. ...