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By now, most of you know of the online poker fiasco ominously called “Black Friday”.

This whole mess could have been avoided if the sites and PPA actually took the right route in this. That is leaving The USA Market in 2006, then fighting very hard to bring suits challenging the UIEGA’S legality in whole, while pushing for real regulation at the same time. The sites had ample time to do so, but choose to be somewhat apathetic in their efforts. So while it is somewhat bullshit, seeing that real criminals such as many in the financial sector and WallStreet should be the ones prosecuted, FTP, PS, and AP brought this on themselves if you step back and consider everything that has gone on.

Exactly how many law suits did FTP and PS bring forth from 2006 until 2011? For a few years now on my show I have been asking this very question. From 2008 to 2010 Democrats controlled The Congress. This was a perfect time for the sites to get something done, as we know Democrats are far more friendly and far more likely to vote to allow online gaming than Republicans are. Yet it was not to the end of 2010 that HR 2267, a real legitimate Federal online poker bill was even introduced. After several amendments, specifically amendment 7 to this bill, it managed to pass committee by a vote of 44 to 18, but it failed to be brought to the House floor for a vote.

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Now we got a real mess on our hands. United States players cannot access their funds at this time, a criminal and civil indictment has been handed down, and online poker in The United States is more uncertain than ever. ESPN has pulled all The 2010 WSOP broadcasts, and are in the process of totally distancing themselves from these online poker sites. The main event this year at the World Series of poker will be lucky to get 3000 entrants. USA Poker player’s income with sponsorships with these sites are in jeopardy and Poker players from the United States who rely on online poker as a primary source of income are scrambling to pay their bills, and are in a state of perpetual anxiety over this stuff.

I wonder if the PPA, Fulltilt, Pokerstars and AP really did all they could do. I question whether they ever really wanted real regulation in United States. In my opinion they really never did, and if they did, they certainly didn’t do enough to assure that “Black Friday”would never happen.

Based on recent information I have received, USA players will eventually have access to their funds and will be able to withdraw them. The top poker sites really have no interest to steal your money. I truly feel for you guys and gals who have a lot of money tied up here. I am truly sorry this happened and I will do everything in my power (which is not much) to help people get your money back and get out information as I receive it.


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