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UPDATE: We can confirm from sources at the Rio as well as the WSOP that there was a printing error on every along with some other low spades in the deck. Decks for use are currently being checked and re-checked to assure that there is no disadvantage to any player. The Tournament Director Jon Turner decided to move the players to a standard table in Amazon Room. After checking sixty decks of cards, all had the same flaw. Since this is a manufacturing fault, “the players are literally spitting chips at the fact they not only have they had to move to an outer table, but also the fact that they are going to use a faulty deck.” (quoted from WSOP). The senior Tournament Director told the players that if they can find the then they all will have their chips bagged & play paused for the rest of the night. Sean Getzwiller went through all the cards looking for the . Play has resumed.


UPDATE: Jon Turner spotted a mark card. On closer inspection of the decks in use, along with some of the spares, it was noticed that there was a printing error on every along with some other low spades in the deck.  Players are placing their chips in racks and leaving the table. This is in Event#8 $1,000 No Limit Holdem.

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There is something going on at the 2011 World Series of Poker. Information is coming in but it looks like something is wrong with the deck, possible marked cards. It is not confirmed yet. There are a couple people taking pictures of certain cards. Here are some pics



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