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Poker Room

Most of you may already know that there has been some changes. First, the poker room here at Make Poker Legal has a new home. The new home of the poker room is at You as a player will not have to update anything, however before you can claim any prize(s), then you will need to fill out the affidavit. You will get an email once you have won your first prize. You will need to have that filled out and returned before you can claim your prize.You only have to fill out the affidavit once. You also must have your address updated so your prize can be sent correctly. We are not responsible for any prizes lost due to incorrect or invalid address. Your username and password is the same. Once the proper legal measures have taken effect and online poker is legal and regulated, our poker room will become a gaming site for you to wager money on our poker network.

New Website

Another change is our new sister site at You will need to create a new account using your Facebook, Twitter or an email account. By using the Facebook or Twitter for your account, it makes it more streamline for you and makes it easier for you to share information on Poker Euphoria to your friends. We have several new features on this new website. You will also be able to fill out a simple profile and upload photos. Poker Euphoria will cover exclusive news, poker news as well as news in the poker room including winners stories and photos. There are several new authors with original content. We will also have exclusive articles and blogs from various poker pros. There is a new forum where you can participate, enter contests and submit questions to our guests on our new radio show entitled “Short Stacked Radio”

Radio Show

Short Stacked Radio (formally Make Poker Legal Radio) has officially launched. Short Stacked Radio has new hosts, formats, structure and an all star team that has worked extremely hard over the past couple months to make this happen. The Short Stacked Radio Network (SSRN) will be telecasting new original programming. Short Stacked Radio will feature live telecasts with guests from all over the poker world. From professional poker players to those involved with the business side of the game to WSOP champions, Short Stacked Radio will bring together the poker community to create unique and exciting broadcasts for our audience. Since the launch of Short Stacked Radio on July 5th we have had the following guests:
Jerry Yang – Pro Poker Player
Olivier Busquet – Pro Poker Player
Marcel Luske – Pro Poker Player
Dennis Phillips – PPA Director
Mark Seif – Pro Poker Player
Annie LePage – Pro Poker Player
Blair Rodman – Pro Poker Player
Beth Shak – Pro Poker Player
Pam Brunson – Poker Player
Jim Mcmahon – Poker Player
John Pappas – PPA Director
Rebecca McAdam – Card Player Columnist & Poker Player
Lisa Wheeler – Card Player Columnist & Poker Player
Chris Levick – Founder Poker Player Academy
Merri Perry – Las Vegas Real Estate Agent & poker player
Ann-Margaret Johnston – Accountant for Professional Poker Players
Donna Blevins – Poker Coach
Scott Long – Ante Up Magazine
Jimmie Lee – Country Rock Star
David Allery – Founder of Majestik Poker Tour
Jack Walls – Founder of United Cancer Alliance (U.C.A.R.E)
Steve Reed – Harrahs Tunica Poker Room Manager
Trey Mingle – Floor Manager Harrahs Tunica
Bryan Knott – Off Tilt Poker Tables
John Ivey – Poker Player & Cancer survivor
Marc Berman – Atlantic City radio host and host of
John Ivey – Poker Player
Steve Batewell - Tournament Director
Mike Tarud – Poker Dealer
C.J. Rubin
Robert Burgess – Marketing Expert

New Poker TV Show is the newest reality poker television show. We are extremely proud with the edition of Hokes House. By adding this to our brand we want to make every poker player’s dream come true by giving you a  chance to play on a televised poker show.  Short Stacked Radio will air the Season 1 and will then be available for viewing on The show will be filmed in HD and will include all the features you would expect from a high quality television poker broadcast. The Championship Episode will be airing on FOX 43 to over 1.5 million homes and will replay on Short Stacked Radio. The winner will receive a stake to a 2012 World Series of Poker Event plus numerous prizes to be announced in the near future. If you have always wanted to play poker on national television you can qualify for the show. Anyone can run qualifiers whether in a public setting or in your own home game. For full details and information visit the website at

Poker Tour

Several weeks ago we partnered with the Majestik Poker Tour (MPT).Our very own Ty Warren was brought on as an Executive Manager for Majestik Poker Tour. Within the next couple of weeks there will be a huge announcement regarding the MPT. Ty Warren and the MPT team have worked extremely hard in landing a deal. I can say that the contracts are getting completed, and then once signed we will make this huge announcement. For those who are not familiar with MPT; MPT wants to give you the opportunity to play in tournaments, both locally and nationally, typically reserved for the professional poker player, without breaking your wallet. MPT works closely with designated 501c3 non-profit charitable organizations to help raise awareness for their charitable cause. Secondary to our charitable work, but just as important, our players understand our motto of “playing poker, having fun, making friends and winning prizes”. Now, there is no better concept than that except when we combine it with the idea of giving back to our communities and those less fortunate while playing the great game of poker. The MPT’s poker pros include William Ullauri, Jonny O’Neill, Jake Flynn & Leslie Gignoux.

During the 10 to 14 day poker tour stops that will be coming soon, various events are held including poker tournaments consisting of no limit, H.O.R.S.E, omaha and more. There is also a charity poker event. 100% of the buy ins for the charity event go directly to the charity. We also will host a dinner banquet where we present the charity with the check of all the money raised. During the banquet there will be live entertainment from The Jersey Outlaw Jimmie Lee. Jimmie Lee new hit song entitled “I’m All In” is the exclusive theme song for our new television show Hokes House and the theme song to Short Stacked Radio. During the dinner banquet there is a silent auction with autographed memorabilia and other items to help raise money for the charity. In most tour stops there will be a public auctions with autographed memorabilia and other items. We are the only poker tour that offers multiple poker tournaments, charity event(s), special poker event(s), live entertainment, VIP parties, dinner banquet and much more.

On July 2, 2011 poker history was made at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The  first-ever U.S. Ladies Only Team Event – the High Heels Poker Tour had the “Red Stiletto” Event, sponsored in part by The Majestik Poker Tour, Pro Poker Gear, Ciroc Vodka and a host of others. We are very excited for our upcoming poker tour stops. The Staff of the Majestik Poker Tour includes:

David Allery – Founder. David oversees negotiating with casino partners, event booking, brand awareness, merchandising, and charitable relations.

Phil Vasquez – Executive Vice President. Phil oversees all aspects of sponsorships, web development, logos, event coordination, venue booking, and sales.

Ty Warren – Executive Sales Manager. Ty oversees all aspects of sales, advertising, marketing and promotions and venue settings.

Leslie Gignoux – National Event Planner. Leslie oversees planning and coordination of all events, and assists with all sales and marketing campaigns.

Mark Hoke – Public Relations Director. Mark overseas all aspects of public relations.

Anthony Howe – Assistant Events Planner. Anthony works with Leslie in coordination of all events, and assists with all sales and marketing campaigns.

Ed Hagaman – Web Developer. Ed oversees and assist in development of the site and maintenance of site and forum

Poker Glasses

As most of you know, we are the exclusive distributor in North America for the Royal Eyewear Poker Glasses. As you are playing in various poker tour stops on our Majestik Poker Tour, you will want to be wearing Royal Eyewear to benefit your poker game. We have a promo code out there MAKEPOKER where you get 15% off your total order plus free shipping to anywhere in the world. You enter the promo code at checkout. That promo code will still work. With the new addition of we are moving the information and specials for the Royal Eyewear to the new website. The promo code EUPHORIA will be the new promo code that we are offering and will focus on. We will be having contests where you can win a pair as well as a new contest in the poker room on Poker Euphoria to win a free pair. We will also have pairs of the poker glasses on display during the poker tour stops for you to try them out and get additional specials and discounts.

Make sure that you are getting your glasses from us. Beware of other site(s) that are offering the glasses. We are the only company in the North America with the rights to be the exclusive distributor in North America for the Royal Eyewear Poker Glasses. We do have a few official companies who resale the glasses. Go to and when you are ready to checkout after your purchase, enter promo code EUPHORIA to get 15% off your entire order plus free shipping to anywhere in the world. More details are found on the Royal Eyewear page on Poker Euphoria

Social Media

Facebook – For those that are friends with us on our Facebook page; we changed the account from being the Make Poker Legal account to Short Stacked. The Short Stacked page reflects our company name Short Stacked LLC. We have created certain “pages” and “groups” within Facebook to help sort out the multiple brands contained within company. Here are the official new and updated links pertaining to our Facebook pages:

Facebook Profile Page
Short Stacked Facebook Profile

Facebook Pages
Poker Euphoria Facebook Page
Short Stacked Radio Facebook Page
Hokes House Facebook Page
Majestik Poker Tour Facebook Page Page

Facebook Groups
We do have a “secret group” called “Pokers Elite Secret Society” on Facebook. If you would like to be part of our secret group send us a friend request and let us know that you want to be part of the Pokers Elite Secret Society. We post our breaking news there prior to announcing to the public and on our websites and social media sites.

Poker Euphoria Facebook Group
Short Stacked Radio Facebook Group

Twitter on Twitter
Short Stacked Radio on Twitter

We thank all of our supporters for the past 3 years during the high times and through the low times. As we move forward with our brand, we encourage all of you to follow us on this journey. We are extremely excited to see and meet you all on the Short Stacked Radio Show, playing on national TV on Hokes House, participating on our new live poker tour across the United States and overseas with Majestik Poker Tour & playing in our poker room. Remember it is free to play and you have a shot at over $100,000 in cash plus tens of thousands of dollars in other prizes from our sponsors. Remember when the law passes, our poker room will start accepting cash deposits and will be one of the first poker sites to legally operate in the United States as well as cater to our players from all over the world.

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