Sam Simon, Co-creator of The Simpsons, The longest running animated series in the history of television, claims a high-stakes poker player has lost more than $4 million due to a hidden cheat cam that had been secretly installed in his house.
According to Simon, someone broke into the pro’s house and installed the camera unbeknownst to the online pro.
Simon, who also plays poker, has indicated that the pro in question happens to be one of the biggest nosebleed players out there—someone the poker community knows very well, though he never revealed who this player was. He just explained that the said online poker pro was “losing, and losing, and losing.” Then he realized that someone had gained access to his house and installed the camera above his computer.
“He found a camera stuck in his ceiling, looking at the [computer] screen,” says Simon.
Simon has also told the Las Vegas Review Journal that he too had been a victim of cheating scams that involved online poker. For instance, he explains that two players will be sitting together physically while playing online at the same table, ganging up on unsuspecting victims.
After Simon had been victimized by this scam, PokerStars ran an algorithm test proving he had been scammed, and ultimately Simon got his money back. He no longer plays poker online.
Simon also made comments about the proposed bill by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that will legalize online poker in the US. Simon is weary of it and accuses it of being corrupt. The bill will actually ban existing sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt for at least one year, allowing only big-name casino brands like MGM and Caesars Palace to run online gambling sites in the US.
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Poker News Daily is reporting that:
In September, a letter from XMT Liquidations to the shareholders of what was formerly known as Excapsa Software identified a new cheating incident on the former Ultimate Bet site. Recently, Blanca Games, the current owners of and Absolute Poker, addressed the findings and the dispute between Tokwiro Enterprises and Excapsa.

The letter, dated September 10th, references an “an unfair and unlawful advantage in online poker games in 2004 and 2005.” However, the incident was not outlined. Blanca Games shed some light on the issue last week, explaining, “The Liquidator has recently advised Blanca’s employees that the security breach at issue was closed by Excapsa in early 2005. Blanca has no knowledge of whether or not this incident is, in fact, ‘newly discovered.’ It does, however, understand that two player accounts were involved in this 2004 incident, and that the damages sustained by players were less than $100,000.” The incident was then reported to the “appropriate regulatory authorities.”

Blanca Games clarified, however, that the liquidators in question were not acting on Absolute Poker or, which together make up the USA-friendly CEREUS Network. Additionally, the press release from Blanca asserted, “The operations of the and sites, now under the management of Blanca, are entirely unaffected by the events referred to by the Liquidator… In short, the 2004 incident has no impact whatsoever on current players and customers of or  Blanca will continue to do everything in its power to protect its players and customers by providing the highest levels of security on its sites.”

The cheating scandals on Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker were profiled in a “60 Minutes” piece in November 2008. Two months ago, Blanca Games acquired the CEREUS Network from Tokwiro Enterprises. Blanca Games is based in Antigua and has headquarters in Costa Rica, where and Absolute Poker are both located, and Stuart Gordon serves as the company’s CEO.

Blast Off was comprised of the assets of Ultimate Bet before it was sold to Tokwiro Enterprises and the liquidation at hand saw one of its major creditors elect “to exercise its rights in respect of the collateral it held as security for Blast Off’s debt.” This “major creditor” may refer to the former owners of the Absolute Poker domain, although it was not addressed in Blanca Games’ press release.

The liquidation letter added, “Blast Off intended to [end] any and all operations related to assets over which Excapsa has been granted a security interest.” This could potentially refer to, which was not included in the transfer to Blanca Games. Instead, only and became part of the new company. Now, forwards to an online poker affiliate site and is not associated with

Blanca noted that the company has “no interest in that dispute” between XMT Liquidations and Tokwiro Enterprises.

In response to the press release from Blanca Games, one poster on TwoPlusTwo noted, “Further evidence as to why this industry needs to be regulated and have oversight.” The Kahnawake Gaming Commission cited Russ Hamilton as the main person responsible for the cheating scandal that erupted on Ultimate Bet. The former World Series of Poker Main Event champion is still roaming free in Las Vegas much to the dismay of many and over $20 million was stolen from players.

In a blog posted from August, pro Joe Sebok lamented the lack of prosecution in the cheating scandal: “I wish we were a police force, but we are not. I wish we could really round up all of these people and interrogate them, but we can’t… I also wish we were a court and we could try them all and jail the convicted, but again, we cannot do this. The poker community would be a better place if we could, but as of right now this just isn’t possible.”

In February 2009, Raw Vegas caught up with Hamilton in the parking lot of a Las Vegas golf course. Poker pro Layne Flack and two other unidentified people were with Hamilton at the time. Hamilton refused comment and drove away.

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We have obtained audio of a phone call from Online Poker Site explaining ways  to evade detection.

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Related Post – Chinese Collusion Ring  Allegedly Found on PokerStars

In the wake of the Chinese cheating scandal which hit PokerStars earlier this year, the world’s biggest poker site has finally answered some of the burning questions surrounding the incident via e-mail with Poker News Daily.

A PokerStars’ Game Security team member called “Jackson” confirmed that the site had discovered discrepancies in the “Double or Nothing” (DoN) sit and gos in early February 2010, following reports on the online poker forum Two Plus Two.

Jackson further confirmed that the Chinese gang consisted of 38 members who regularly colluded in the mini tournaments to steal a total of $494,000 from unsuspecting players.

As he goes on to explain; “The cheaters were active across many stakes, some as low as our $10 and $20 DoNs. However, the vast majority of the collusion occurred at both the $50 and $100 levels.”

The potential for collusion continues to be a problem for the online game and some common strategies employed by criminals include a whole host of methods including soft play, dumping, signalling and whipsawing.

In PokerStars ‘“Double or Nothing” game, whipsawing was the gang’s preferred method of collusion and involved members raising and re-raising each other in order to trap players in between.

Since the discovery of the gang’s criminal activities, PokerStars has paid $2.1 million in compensation to the victims and is keen to assure its customers that everything is being done to prevent such incidences happening in the future. As Jackson explains:

“PokerStars has introduced a new security function to prevent players from certain countries from playing in the same Double or Nothing events together. This restriction will ensure that only one player from each of several countries will be able to play in these events. We continue to monitor the games for collusion and we do feel that they are now adequately secure, otherwise we wouldn’t offer them. The investigation of the accounts involved, as well compensation to players, have since been finalized.”

In the meantime, there has been no further news concerning the Chinese gang other than their accounts being frozen and $85,000 being confiscated. That still leaves a tidy profit of over $400k for the gang of cheats.


Related Post – Chinese Collusion Ring  Allegedly Found on PokerStars

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It is being reported that there is a Chat Log of Possible Online Poker Cheating and Collusion that found its way to a poker forum on the internet. As of this post has not been able to confirm 100% the authenticity of the chat log but it is causing a stir of talk within the online poker community. It is being reported to Make Poker Legal that this was removed off of another poker forum. A source close to Make Poker Legal was able to obtain the post of the chat log. Make Poker Legal is in no way confirming that this is 100% accurate but it is odd to find out that the posts about this have been removed. This is something (if accurate) that needs to be brought to the attention of everyone who is involved with online poker regulation within the United States of America.

NOTE: the ONLY alteration of this chat log is that Make Poker Legal bolded “Sorel- Toronto” in order for you to be able to read the chat log.

Sorel- Toronto says: hey steve
thor says: hey
Sorel- Toronto says: can i ask you a question?
thor says: sure
Sorel- Toronto says: what do you value a players makeup at?
Sorel- Toronto says: I mean
Sorel- Toronto says: obviously it depends on the player
Sorel- Toronto says: and how deep they are in makeup
thor says: yeh i dont back for tourneys s o not sure
Sorel- Toronto says: ohh ok
Sorel- Toronto says: you’re backing boykee for tournaments tho, arnt you?
thor says: yeh jsut occasionaly
thor says: i did for wsop
Sorel- Toronto says: aah okay
Sorel- Toronto says: are you going to be backing him for future tournaments? online and live?
Sorel- Toronto says: im flying the people i stake down to toronto to play in the ftops
thor says: i do back him online
thor says: i back him for everything online
thor says: not sure live
thor says: i odnt like backing live tourneys
Sorel- Toronto says: ya same
Sorel- Toronto says: not good for the ol’ br
thor says: yeh
thor says: plus i buy pieces of so many ppl at face value
thor says: really so much better
Sorel- Toronto says: hmm
Sorel- Toronto says:
i think id respectfully disagree with oyu on that one
thor says: how?
Sorel- Toronto says: having makeup is the nuts for a backer
thor says: yeh but if i buy 10% for 10% of price how can u do better
Sorel- Toronto says: its almost impossible to lose unless the person is unloyal or you run out of money
Sorel- Toronto says: its more of a gamble though
thor says: yeh
Sorel- Toronto says: i agree it’s good, esp for large fields
thor says: i guess both ok
thor says: like i cant lose eith4er my way
Sorel- Toronto says: why not?
thor says: cuz im buying alot of value for cheaper then iths worth so if i do alot of it
thor says: i have to win
thor says: its like overall portfolio rather then individuals
thor says: hey wat was big sectret u wanted to tell me
thor says: i was w roman so u said later
Sorel- Toronto says: I guess ur right
Sorel- Toronto says: well its pretty huge
Sorel- Toronto says: like overwhelmingly huge
thor says: k
thor says: hit me
Sorel- Toronto says: oaky but gonna have to ask you keep it completely between us until im more comfortable with the program and it’s functions
thor says: k promise
Sorel- Toronto says: and then we can figure out a way that we can both profit from this
Sorel- Toronto says: okay well
Sorel- Toronto says: have you ever heard of a remote access PC?
thor says: yeh
thor says: i have it dont use it at moment
thor says: vpn
Sorel- Toronto says: which do you use, and for what purpose
Sorel- Toronto says: ah
thor says: have it set up i thk
thor says: just havent gone there
Sorel- Toronto says: have u heard of gotomypc?
thor says: yeh
thor says: i have a tech guy
thor says: he does all my ****
thor says: security and ****
thor says: everyintg
Sorel- Toronto says: are you aware of it’s features?
thor says: not really
thor says: i know u can control it
thor says: form anywhere
Sorel- Toronto says: i mean, i heard of the program a long time ago but i didnt know how much u could do with it
Sorel- Toronto says: yeah
Sorel- Toronto says: you can control someones PC while on your own
thor says: yeh
Sorel- Toronto says: and you can control multiple peoples PC’s
thor says: didint know that
Sorel- Toronto says: and you can watch multiple screens
thor says: didnt kow thaqt either
Sorel- Toronto says: it revolutionizes teaching/ghosting in poker
Sorel- Toronto says: it can also be used for multiaccounting
thor says: yeh i was using beam my screan for teaching
Sorel- Toronto says: im surprised no ones ever brought this up on the forums
Sorel- Toronto says: like someone could play 6 + accounts at once
Sorel- Toronto says: in the same tournament
thor says: yeh i can see th m;/a advantages
Sorel- Toronto says: and it would be untraceable
thor says: i wanted to set one up in canada at boykee moms house
thor says: the vpn
Sorel- Toronto says: man
Sorel- Toronto says: its so quick and easy its sick
thor says: yeh i know insane to not have it
Sorel- Toronto says: like i could watch ur screen right now if u logged in and added your computer
thor says: while im certainly interested in whatever u thinking
thor says: if u want me in
thor says: but obv i have to know woh knows cuz i cant get busted
thor says: i have alot of maoney online
thor says: cant lowse it
Sorel- Toronto says: the only people who know about this are the people i stake
thor says: yeh but how trustworthy?
thor says: i cant really go down
Sorel- Toronto says: chris, adi , jonathan… and my friend richard
Sorel- Toronto says: extremely
Sorel- Toronto says: like roman, oz and bushman to u
thor says: ah ok
thor says: thqats all i needed to hear
Sorel- Toronto says: yep
Sorel- Toronto says: now theres more than 1 way we can profit from this program obv
Sorel- Toronto says: the most obvious is just watching and taking over for your stakes when they’re deep in a tournament
Sorel- Toronto says: the beauty of it is
Sorel- Toronto says: ur not logging in from another IP
Sorel- Toronto says: all you’re doing is controlling their mouse and keyboard
thor says: yeh thats sick
Sorel- Toronto says: and they can take it over again right away with the click of a mouse
Sorel- Toronto says: ive been experimenting with the program for about 2 weeks
Sorel- Toronto says: and now im very familiar with it
Sorel- Toronto says: hypothetically
Sorel- Toronto says: imagine if 20+ PC’s were set up in various locations or in the same location but with various IP’s
Sorel- Toronto says: and different people could login to any of them at any given time
thor says: yeh thas sick
Sorel- Toronto says: and like actually having an office
Sorel- Toronto says: where people play from
Sorel- Toronto says: all with computers under different IP’s
Sorel- Toronto says: it would be crazy
thor says: yeh so are u doing this alone or u looking for me to be w u?
Sorel- Toronto says: well, im not in great shape financially right now.. im sure u heard about what happened in europe … i desperately want to expand but i dont have the resources to back more people , struggling enough backing the players i already have
thor says: yeh i did herar
thor says: sux
thor says: while im certainly open to try to work somehign out
Sorel- Toronto says: so yes, im looking for a partner and im looking to get a group of trustworthy and loyal players together
thor says: i usually partner roman
thor says: in **** i do
Sorel- Toronto says: i see
thor says: dont have to but like to
Sorel- Toronto says: ya, how do these guys all feel about ghosting / multiaccounting etc
thor says: roman dont care
thor says: other guys dont either
thor says: but i wouldnt bring them in
thor says: just roman
thor says: most likely
Sorel- Toronto says: okay
Sorel- Toronto says: i can set everything up from my end
thor says: we dont do it but we dont judge it
thor says: or have prob w it
Sorel- Toronto says: funny thing is i never considered mutliaccounting until i got banned on ftp
thor says: ha yeh
thor says: i tried it once l ng time ago but hated using two comps
Sorel- Toronto says: now , i just wanna mutliaccount the **** out of the ftops
thor says: im too old
Sorel- Toronto says: right
Sorel- Toronto says: me too
Sorel- Toronto says: thats what i hate
thor says: yeh
Sorel- Toronto says: thats why this program is so valuable
thor says: but morally no problem
thor says: dont want it out though
Sorel- Toronto says: because u can have 4 accounts in the same tournament on the same screen
Sorel- Toronto says: obvi
thor says: thatws sick
Sorel- Toronto says: yep , so sick
thor says: well i thk u gotta thk abt how much money we need and how partnership will work
thor says: im a big fan of yours as u know
Sorel- Toronto says:
thor says: so im a good partner for u for many reasons
Sorel- Toronto says: i have a sponsorship worth over 300k per year, if this gets out my rep is finished and so is my contract…. i wouldn’t do anything to compromise neither of our reputations
Sorel- Toronto says: but this is too big to ignore
thor says: im the guy going around saying sorel has been the greatest pays money auto never problem great player great guy
thor says: s o.
thor says: i >3 u
Sorel- Toronto says: haha thx man
thor says: yeh makes sense u got tons to lose to
thor says: just have to trust your judgment on yo9ur ppl
thor says: i dont like to do thqat
thor says: but have to
thor says: we gona need a way to move the money
Sorel- Toronto says: ya same here.. i dont know roman enough to judge him as someone i would trust with this info.. but i know u enough to know that if u trust him its okay with me….
thor says: i have alot of accts
Sorel- Toronto says: chris and adi have been loyal to me since day 1
thor says: k
thor says: roman is like family to me
Sorel- Toronto says: if they wanted to screw me over they would have done it a long time ago
thor says: who is chris
thor says: i know adi
thor says: he ok
Sorel- Toronto says: cdbr3799
thor says: i dont konw him
Sorel- Toronto says: these guys dont even have to know you’re involved
Sorel- Toronto says: why would they?
thor says: roman coming to my house aug 6th for wek
Sorel- Toronto says: i want to try this out big for the ftops coming up
thor says: yeh true the less they know the better
Sorel- Toronto says: me you and roman could all have action in each other and ev1 else
Sorel- Toronto says: or
Sorel- Toronto says: just ev1 else
thor says: i like 3 way partnership
thor says: so we all on same side
Sorel- Toronto says: yep
thor says: we weill play games too but we can work that out
Sorel- Toronto says: but it gets a little complicated
Sorel- Toronto says: because my guys are in makeup right now and im sure boykee and the other ppl u want to involve are as well
thor says: no they all profit
Sorel- Toronto says: my guys are in history low makeup tho, theyve all hadnice scores recently
Sorel- Toronto says: oh, u must have a differernt staking deal than i
thor says: yeh mine is just online
Sorel- Toronto says: ours is more bax / sheets style deal
thor says: mostly games
thor says: yeh i have them build accts
Sorel- Toronto says: where as soon as they profit they get right back into makeup
Sorel- Toronto says: ya
Sorel- Toronto says: let me calculate how much ftops will cost per person / account
thor says: can u send me link to ftoops sched?
Sorel- Toronto says:…s/schedule.php
thor says: ty
Sorel- Toronto says: np
Sorel- Toronto says: heres what i can offer: 1) I can ghost all the people staked in the mid / deep stages of tournaments.. obviously only mid if its
not too busy 2) I can set up most of the stars/ ftp accounts .. set up all the remote PC’s and make it easy for
everyone to login and manage all the players / trouble shoot all gotomypc problems
Sorel- Toronto says: 3) I already have 4 horses that are loyal and comfortable with this idea.. and i can get more as needed
Sorel- Toronto says: 4) I can make a decent sized investment and guarantee the rest if need be
Sorel- Toronto says: 1 2 and 3 kinda compensate for 4
thor says: yeh
thor says: but i thk even if u dont put up alot of money u still in for it
thor says: cuz if we deep me and roman can play to
thor says: we pretty good at torneys now
Sorel- Toronto says: ya but i want to have an equal share.. i can probably put up most of it depending on how much we’re talking about
Sorel- Toronto says: i think we should raise 100k each
Sorel- Toronto says: and have 300k in the fund
thor says: yeh we need numbers
Sorel- Toronto says: do you think thats a good number?
thor says: i dont kow havent looked at shed
thor says: cuz in lots of games
Sorel- Toronto says: okay im gonna look
Sorel- Toronto says: only NLH events for now
thor says: h dude just made sick blf
Sorel- Toronto says: ship hh
thor says: k 1 sec
thor says: nutsinho: no thought…sigh
Dealer: Game #19247960778: thorladen wins pot ($100)
thorladen: dude im a station
Sorel- Toronto says: ..
Sorel- Toronto says: Okay so heres the deal… it’s almost exactly $10000 for all NL holdem events not including the heads up
Sorel- Toronto says: assuming $500 for 100R which might be a little bit conservative
Sorel- Toronto says: and assuming ev1 does all 1 rebuy and 1 addons
Sorel- Toronto says: and 1500 in the 300 R
Sorel- Toronto says: and not including the heads up tourney
Sorel- Toronto says: comes to $10063
Sorel- Toronto says: so say we had 4 players total
Sorel- Toronto says: and each of them played 4
Sorel- Toronto says: total investment would be around $161
Sorel- Toronto says: k
Sorel- Toronto says: 161k
thor says: 161 total or per person?
Sorel- Toronto says: total
Sorel- Toronto says: just for ftops
thor says: so 54ish each?
Sorel- Toronto says: ya
thor says: thats not so bad
Sorel- Toronto says: but
Sorel- Toronto says: we want to have at least 200k
Sorel- Toronto says: just to make everything neat and tiday
thor says: well we will
Sorel- Toronto says: tidy
thor says: in tornesy
thor says: so i dont thk we need that much
Sorel- Toronto says: ya good point
Sorel- Toronto says: now heres where it gets confusing
Sorel- Toronto says: adi just got out of makeup after he cashed deep in the series and went on a sick run this weekend
Sorel- Toronto says: which is good, now hes only in a few k makeup
Sorel- Toronto says: chris on the other handd is in about 60-70k makeup i think
Sorel- Toronto says: so you and roman would need to buy the makeup from me so that we can all be equal
Sorel- Toronto says: obviously we’ll take whatever the figure is and contribute it towards the fund
thor says: i see that is compicated
Sorel- Toronto says: ya , because how do we calculate how much makeup is worth
thor says: need DAUT to help
thor says: he my guy for tha ****
Sorel- Toronto says: personally i think that if the makeup is small and the player is trustworthey and a winning player the makeup should be worth 100%
Sorel- Toronto says: ya def
thor says: ya but problem is im not gona be with him forever unless i am
Sorel- Toronto says: hmm
Sorel- Toronto says: ok
Sorel- Toronto says: i thought of something but its not completely clear
Sorel- Toronto says: like
Sorel- Toronto says: what if we disclude makeup from the equation for the ftops and then after the ftops if they are down then the makeup goes to me and somehow you guys are compensate for it?
Sorel- Toronto says: i honestly dont know
Sorel- Toronto says: wait ya
Sorel- Toronto says: but if they win
Sorel- Toronto says: then
Sorel- Toronto says: we all get our equal shares
thor says: lets thk qabt it later
Sorel- Toronto says: and i get their shares until they are out of makeup?
Sorel- Toronto says: ok

chat log source


Appears that Mizzi was caught 2 times in the past.

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It is being reported by a prominent poker forum that PokerStars, the worlds largest online poker room, has been forced to payout over $2 million to players that were scammed by a chinese gang that colluded at the poker tables. The chinese gang was playing the sit-n-go poker tournaments where winners can double up their buy-in. Members of the gang were sitting at these tables, sharing information and dumping chips to assure that they would double-up their buy-in.

Apparently, the scam was uncovered by a member of the Chinese gang when he began complaining that his account was suspended and PokerStars was refusing to allow him to withdraw his balance of roughly $10,000. After learning of this scam, PokerStars initially paid out over $580,000 to players that were affected but ended up paying out over $2 million in lost winnings to players that were scammed. PokerStars is working on a solution to this problem in order to protect players against scammers that are using illegal tactics to win tournaments.


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The latest victim of the United States crackdown on online gambling payment processors was Ahmad Khawaja, who ran the payment processors Allied Wallet and Allied Systems. The case began over a year ago when federal prosecutors seized some $13.3 million in funds from the companies account at Goldwater bank in Scottsdale Arizona. The funds were traced back to the popular online poker room PokerStars, and from there the case was made.

For their part in the fiasco PokerStars issued the following statement: “PokerStars does not condone efforts by processors to conceal the nature or purpose of funds used to play online poker… PokerStars has taken steps to ensure that processors properly disclose the nature of their business to their relevant financial institutions.”

Khawaja settled out of court on Tuesday, forfeiting the $13.3 million that was seized. The Civil Forfeiture Complaint for the case stated that the funds constituted proceeds of operating an illegal gambling business that were deposited between January 2009 and May 2009, and that the funds were traceable to PokerStars, as well as other online gambling sites.

Unable to prosecute the online poker rooms themselves –both because they operate offshore, and at this time it’s unclear what US laws they are breaking—the US Government has stepped up the pressure on payment processors, starting with Douglas Rennick and now Ahmad Khawaja.

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In an ongoing scandal that covers most of this year, a collusion ring based in China has been found on PokerStars, with the company providing few answers as to the depth of the alleged cheating or how their players were affected.

In a highly detailed thread on the Two Plus Two forums, the conspiracy involving “Double or Nothing” (DoN) sit and gos is laid out, including insight into the reactions from the leading poker room in the industry. In these particular PokerStars tournaments, half of the players who enter win double whatever the buy-in may be, with the other half of the field earning nothing. The alleged cheating ring based in China apparently targeted the higher end DoN sit and gos, which ran in buy-in from $52 to $104.

The thread, started on July 1st by poster “frobush,” recaps the DoN collusion scandal into a easier to read version than the previous unruly thread that had developed. On May 24th, a poster named “Jane0123” states that their account had been frozen since January 2010 and eventually closed by PokerStars. “Jane0123” – who can no longer be found through searches of the Two Plus Two forum – states in the original thread that they were questioned regarding “a relationship with 46 other players” who allegedly were located in China and, in particular, Hangzhou.

Upon closing the account, “Jane0123” is informed by PokerStars that “In reviewing hands it is clear that you routinely made team plays to create situations where you were supposed to benefit. You and your friends routinely played four and five players deep, and squeezed the blinds between two or more cooperating players (writer’s note – a technique known as “whipsawing”). After reviewing several hands, for several players, it became obvious that this was part of some kind of agreed-upon strategy.” The poster takes some flak from forum members regarding “being a cheat” before disappearing from the scene.

Several players post that they have played “thousands” of the DoN games, leading to many requesting information from PokerStars regarding the situation the next day. PokerStars responds to these requests with a form letter that states, “Due to the complexity of the situation to which you refer and the number of accounts involved, we have not yet begun to pay out compensation for this case. We expect that we will begin to process compensation within the next week, and players who receive a payout will get an email in due course.”

Over the course of June, the saga takes several interesting twists. One of the players allegedly on the original “Jane0123” list reappears in the DoN games, and many other posters note an influx of apparently China-based players having greater than normal success in the arena. PokerStars attempts to head off any issues by having one of its employees post in the thread stating that “the investigation is taking longer than normal due to the unusual nature of the case.” The employee, who is listed in the thread as “Michael J” from the PokerStars Game Security team, also goes on to say that players will be fairly compensated for the actions of the collusion ring.

By the end of June, PokerStars had set up a pool for compensating those players affected by the scandal. The amount of money in the pool is based on several factors involving the games and including a $250,000 bonus added by PokerStars. The final amount of money handed out by PokerStars eventually reaches $587,000, with roughly 4,000 players reportedly receiving refunds ranging from $5.20 to $8,424.13. In August, poster “nicegame” reports that PokerStars has anted up another $1.5 million to bring the total restitution pool to over $2 million.

The ongoing scandal apparently is still in progress, with players allegedly from the Chinese ring still in action on the DoN felt. Many players have detailed their playing schedule for the time in question (originally only January 2010, but now apparently stretching as far back as November 2009 and to as recently as April) and have been less than pleased with their compensation. Others allege that the ring was in operation for a much longer time span.

Poker News Daily contacted the Game Security division at PokerStars to ascertain where the case is at this point, including the length of time the collusion ring was active, how many accounts were in question, the official status of the security of the games in question, and the state of the investigation to date, among other issues. Although the questions are sensitive and a quick disclosure would reflect well on the company’s efforts to quell this issue, PokerStars has chosen to add this to their regular queue and not respond to Poker News Daily’s inquiries as of this afternoon.

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