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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of ways to help promote the regultation & legalization of online poker. Below are just some ways that you can help. You can find more ways to help in the forums section entitled Promoting Online Poker.

Registering To Vote
You must be at least the age of 18 to vote. In the United States nineteen states permit 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections and caucuses if they will be 18 years of age, by Election Day. If you are a convicted felon, you can not vote and therefore, can not register to vote. If (or) when the time comes that a vote is to take place regarding the legalization and regulation of online poker, you need to be registered to vote. It's easy and simple. It's also important that you are registered to vote anyways. Choosing the candidates that are running in your town, city, county, state etc... is very important. You will see below & throughout, a button linking you to register to vote. You can click any of those links or you can click here to register to vote.

Make Poker Legal, Register to Vote Now

Sign the Poker Petition
There are tens of thousands of poker players, id not millions. Later this year, the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) will present the Poker Petition to President Barack Obama that has been on going for over several weeks. The Poker Petition is asking for President Obama's support to exempt poker from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), and for the legalization and regulation of online poker. Here is an excerpt from the Poker Petition website that is listed below:

"President Obama – Poker is Not a Crime
I am a voter and a fellow poker player asking for your support of
my right to play games of skill like poker on the Internet.

This issue is not lost on the American public. We recently made
our desire for this liberty known through your Citizen's Briefing
Book website. Of the thousands of proposals submitted, a
proposal supporting Internet poker rights was the number one
issue on technology policy.

What's most important to me is your support for my rights.
Please: 1) exempt poker from the Unlawful Internet Gambling
Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and 2) license and regulate internet
poker in the US. 3) Respect the rights of law-abiding Americans
who love to play this great game of skill.

Contact President Barack Obama
You can write President Barack Obama and tell him how you feel about online poker. President Obama is a know player and fan of the game of poker. Here is a video of President Barack Obama admitting that he too, enjoys a friendly game of poker.

You can send an email to President Barack Obama here.

Contact Your Senator
When you write to your senator(s), you are making them aware on how you feel with the given situations regarding your state. When a senator starts to get a lot of phone calls, emails, fax, questions, etc... regarding a situation, it does not go on deaf ears. Contact your senator and let them know how you feel about online poker. You can use the dropdown box below to find the senator for your state.

Contact Your Representative
Contacting you representatives for your state is another important tool of getting the word out on your thoughts and feeling about online poker. Your representatives work closely with senators as well as other local, state and federal departments. To find the representative for your state, pick from the drop down list below.

Contact Your Local Newspaper
Your local newspaper is one of the key tools to making the public aware. When local newspapers pick up on a story, depending on the story; it can have a "snowball" effect and end up on the nightly news. We have provided an extensive list of newspaper outlets and contacts. If you do not see your local newspaper outlet, then go to the contacts page and send us the information. Contact your local newspaper outlets and write them. Lets get that front page story going!

Contact Your Local Television Station
Just like contacting your local newspaper outlet, contacting your local television station(s) is vital too. When a news station receives a lot of information that can be confirmed, there is a story there. We all know how story driven television stations are. By contacting them, you are creating a potential top story on your local news program. When that happens, you get a sense of satisfaction knowing that you played a role in that. Besides, who doesn't like a little TV time? What are you waiting for? contact your local television station today.

Contact Your Local Radio Station
Radio stations are a great way to spread the word. Radio stations are listened to by millions of people. It could be AM or FM, XM radio. Internet radio is another way as well. We have provided an extensive list for each state, of radio stations and contact for you to call, email or fax.

Wear Your Support

There are other ways to show (and in the same time, promote) your support for online poker. From shirts and hoodies, to mouse pads and mugs; there is definitely something for you. You will also find limited edition items. Limited Edition items are sold "while supplies last". By supporting, the PPA & other organizations in the ongoing battle of regulating & legalizing online poker; that support will still continue to be a force and as we move forward. The momentum will continue to build all the way up to the day that we are victorious and online poker becomes legalized, but most importantly, regulated. is not responsible for any information provided within and is for educational purposes only.