MakePokerLegal.com provides poker player's with all the information that is necessary for their voice to be heard and to make a difference in today's poker society. Our main focus is online poker; Make Poker Legalís focus is to have online poker legalized and regulated. MakePokerLegal.com has all of the contacts that would need including local television stations, newspapers, and radio stations. You will be able to access all of your local contacts so your voice will be heard loud and clear. Our mission is the proper regulation and legalization of online poker. Whether you play online poker, or if you think that online poker is rigged; what it boils down to is that we need online poker properly regulated for each states and so it is fair to everyone that is involved and/or participating.
Upcoming Tournaments
$25 Cash Tournament
500pts | 12:00 AM EST | All Members

$1,700 WWE TLC Event VIP Qualifiers
0pts | 12:05 AM EST | VIP Only

$250 Senior Open Qualifier
250pts | 12:10 AM EST | Age 50+

WWE Champ Spinner Replica Belt Quals
250pts | 12:15 AM EST | All Members

Droid X Mobile Phone Qualifiers
250pts | 12:20 AM EST | All Members

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